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mkosh's picture

I have tried to contact multiple sources to get a refund for the August 4th concert. This concert should have been cancelled due to your illness. I brought my daughter for her 9th birthday. I also brought 3 other people. You should not settle for a poor performance just to say you did not cancel a concert. You had your head between your legs for a good part of the concert.  Please contact me to give me a refund. 

Nancy_Lipford_McGlothlin's picture

Wow! Dan and Imagine Dragons...I love you, but I was so sad tonight! I felt bad for you being sick and I kept trying to send love and prayers your way to get through. You can’t help when you’re sick...but you can’t feel bad for when you have to take a break for your health...people do understand! My sister and   I saw you for our wasn’t what we expected...but it is ok. Love & prayers! What a great band...such good friends to stand by you! Hang in there...look for the good!! 

ttubiz86's picture

Wow...tonight's concert was a huge disappointment. You really should have just cancelled it as you had no vioce. I think you tried to make the best of it but geeze all of the depressing talk was a buz kill. My 6 year old son had been looking forward to this concert all wasn't what he expected. Please do what's right and offer refunds as we definitely don't feel like we got our money's worth tonight. Thank you.

Stephanie_Welton's picture

This was the WORST! My son's first concert and he had to sit there for an hour show and listen to YOU ramble on for 30 minutes! At nearly $500 for LAWN seats, and have my 10 year old walk out of there believing he is a losser for having expanders AND multicolored braces! Listening to you go on about depression and suicide...there were a TON of kids his age there!!!!!! You SHOULD HAVE cancelled and rescheduled! I am bipolar, have anxiety issues and am 45 and dealing with EXTREME health issues as a single parent...He was gifted the tickets for his birthday in March, he has been looking forward to it for months. I dropped another $250 right inside the door on hat's, shirts and a glow stick. So, $750 JUST from us!!!  The band was great, thankfully. THEY saved the shit-show it was from the start. You should be ashamed, instead of trying to make us all feel bad for you...I make $12 an hour saving animals lives EVERY day. This was supposed to be a special night, for a truly special child.