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Renee_Thomas's picture

My daughter Emma is extremely excited to see your show tomorrow in Sioux Falls. Emma was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis when she was in 3rd grade.  She has ankloysing spondylitis, the same type of arthritis as Dan.  After watching one of his interviews about his journey with arthritis, she opened up and became more willing to talk with others about it. Thank you! 

Renee Thomas, Gregory, SD.

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Greetings fellas... Just a quick thought here... We are bringing our 13-yr old (BEN) son from Minneapolis to your show in Sioux Falls, SD in less than two weeks!  You have been his favorite band since we missed out on your show in Vancouver a few years back (boys were a bit young)... and we were planning to bring him to see you in St Paul, MN last fall.  Then, on Sept 21, Ben was diagnosed with an HMO Grade IV Diffuse Internal Brain Tumor (cancer).  He had cranial surgery on Oct 9, and then started his recovery and radiation a few weeks later.  Ben's 'soundtrack to this experience' has been EVOLVE (he listened to it during each of his 33 radiation treatments), and the positive energy provided by your music was and continues to be an amazing force for optimism in his journey.  Our family thanks you very much for all your have created and how your art can affect people productively, even in the most trying of circumstances.  We are driving down for your show in Sioux Falls, SD on June 26... and would love it if there was any kind of option to make this event as special as possible for Ben.  His original Make-A-Wish trip was a trip to Barcelona to see your concert there, but he was not in any kind of physical shape at that time.  He was really bummed, to say the least, but is excited for the opportunity to see you in concert in a few weeks!  We thank you again and hope for a great show and for any options or ideas you might have to help make Ben's experience as amazing and memorable as possible with Imagine Dragons...! :)  Take care & we are excited for the show! Pat Barbatsis  612-245-2332