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Michael_Emhuff's picture

Let's hope you cancel if you can't sing! What a RIP off we didn't pay to have a sing along! I call it greed should have refunded everyone's money! I mean come on didn't even play 2 hours. This would be like going to see the stones and Mick Jagger can't sing!! Also didn't pay to hear his sob story why put on a show when you can't sing?? Expensive night for a total let down. Lots of pissed off people leaving the Woodlands. Refund the money it was a not a concert but a kiddie sing along.

Karen_Ernest_Maidens's picture

Huge fan of Imagine Dragons and have attended prior concerts. Was in attendance of the "concert" last evening in Houston at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion. While I certainly have compassion for illness and appreciative of the heartfelt apologies for poor performance due to illness, I certainly did not pay for a ticket to a sing along. Am quite appalled that a monetary refund was not provided for a "show" that lasted approximately an hour that the audience provided the vocals. The show should have been canceled in advance,money refunded or event rescheduled. Unfortunate that the fans who drive the funds and success of the band were not compensated for a product not delivered.